At Opt Shop we use high quality Essilor, Nikon, Shamir and Hoya lenses. Our high index lenses come with UV coating and all our lenses come with quality anti-reflective/scratch resistant coating.

Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses are the perfect convenience for providing sharp vision at every distance, eliminating the need to switch between multiple pairs of glasses. Opt Shop keep up with the latest technology in lenses prescribing the breakthrough technology, Varilux, X Series, extending your vision like never before. 

Office Lenses

Intermediate lenses are designed for today’s lifestyle, suitable for those who jump from computer to phone to hard cover. Intermediate lenses allow your eyes to focus at around 4 metres, these are particularly favoured for office lifestyles but suitable for a vast range of lifestyles.

Single Vision

Single vision lenses can be used for focusing on distance or close range, depending on your prescription

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